Association of single parents in Ukraine

The social organization "Association of single parents in Ukraine" was established for children who have lost the most important part of their lives - their father or mother, and who do not feel enough warmth, tenderness and love.

Соціальні проекти

Ідея створити центр «Дім дитячої посмішки» виникла, як нагальна потреба. Такий проект дуже потрібен дітям, що втратили одного з батьків..... детальніше

Aspirations and goals

The pursuit and desire of the social organization "Association of single parents in Ukraine" is to initiate a change in legislation regarding children who have lost their breadwinner..... more...

Мета та завдання

Присвоєння дітям, що втратили одного з батьків (в разі нещасного випадку чи смерті), статусу напівсироти та відповідних цьому статусу, пільг.... детальнішед

The social organization "Association of single parents in Ukraine"

Dear Friends!

I, Alexander Mazur, address you as a President of “Organization of single parents of Ukraine”.
To my deep regret, there is no status of single-father in Ukrainian legislation, and children who lost their mothers are absolutely deprived of state assistance (keeping).
The goal of creation of our organization was enhancing of lives of those families where fathers alone keep and bring up the children.
In Kyiv more than two thousands families where father alone brings up one, two, three, and even eight children are registered. While existing of our organization, a great number of such fathers addressed to us. Some of them even don’t have an opportunity to feed and to clothe the children in a proper way. Nowadays I must meet people with problem issues in single-room flat, that I rent for my family’s living. Our country are not available (or just doesn’t want) to help our children and to provide them with happy childhood. They don’t receive any assistance from the state and due to this they are obliged to address to kind and sensitive people, who feel responsibility for our children and hope to get their support and assistance.
Every day these people face with elementary problems: sometimes children take sick and they need expensive treatment, proper nutrition and warm clothes. Ukrainian authorities don’t understand that the money that are paid to lone fathers (38 euro) are not enough for keeping of the child, taking into account absence of any allowances.
I think that you are informed well about the ecological situation in our country. People live and bring up their children in zones of increased radiation affect. While diagnosing the children we found a lot of diseases. They need recreation in fresh ecological areas, and some of them already need qualified medical help.
Nowadays, such families really need support, because children – it is future not only for our country, but for a whole world. Safe, help, give them opportunities – the most generous thing. Is there anything in the world that is holier than child’s smile and their blazing eyes looking at you allegedly saying “Thank you! Thank you for you help me and made me happy, thank you for giving a chance to make my life wonderful”.
I am strongly convinced that you are among those people who are not insensible to our children. We hope that you are available to improve their lives! We would be very grateful for any help! You attention and sensibility are guaranty of happy future. Children have right to be happy and you can help them! Open your hearts and children’s smiles will fulfill them with happiness and peace!

Hope for mutual cooperation,

President of the organization A.MAZUR
+38 (044) 227-28-62

+38 (068) 118-59-59

+38 (063) 620-66-12

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